The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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  Foreword IX
  Acknowledgements XV
  The Launching of the "Final Solution"
by Dr. Joseph BILLIG
  Part I: The Jewish Question until 1941.  
1. The Incubation Period of Hitler's Anti-Jewish Action, 1933-1938 1
2. Jewish Emigration during the Incubation Period of the "Final Solution" 3
3. The Nazi Anti-Jewish Action Isolated from Mass Movements 4
4. The Jewish Question in the Gestapo and in the SD before the War 7
5. The Preparation of the "Final Solution": the SS Destined to Inspire the Gestapo 8
6. The Service for Jewish Affairs within the SD, the II-112, under the Sign of "Zionism" (1935-1938) 12
7. The SD and the Zionist Emigration 17
8. The Anticipation of the "Final Solution": Hagen and Eichmann in Vienna 19
9. The Efforts of Hagen to Force Jewish Emigration in Various Countries 22
10. The Men of the II-112 Confronted with the Jews 24
11. The Passage to the "Final Solution" in the Reich (1938-1939) 26
12. The Integration of the Men of the II-112 into the Reichssichereitshauptamt (September 1939) 30
13. Eichmann's Task from September 1939 to March 1941 30
  Part II: The Orders for the "Final Solution"  
1. The Order of the Führer (Der Führerbefehl) in General 35
2. Public Announcements of the "Final Solution" by the Führer and Chancellor of the Reich 39
3. The Announcements of the "Final Solution" by Hitler before his Dining Companions at the Führer's Headquarters 41
4. The Orders of Hitler to Himmler 44
5. The "Final Solution" by a Jewish Colonial Reserve (Summer 1940-Spring 1941 45
6. The Order of the Führer for the "Final Solution" in the Occupied Soviet Regions (Spring 1941-Summer 1941 47
7. The Principle of the "Final Solution" by Exterminatory Deportation to the Occupied Regions ("East of the East") (Autumn 1941) 50
8. Hitler's Approval of the Generalized "Final Solution" and the Conference of Wannsee (January 1942) 57
9. The "Final Solution" by Gas Chambers in the Concentrationary System (Summer 1942-October 1944) 59
10. The "Final Solution", "Page of Glory" Which Will Have Neither to be Written Nor to be Forgotten 61
  Bibliography 74
  Notes 75
  The Existence of Gas Chambers
by Georges WELLERS
A. The Gas Chambers at Auschwitz 109
1. A few Documents from Archives 111
2. Declarations of Members of the SS 113
3. Statements of Former Prisoners at Auschwitz 116
B. The Gas Chambers at Belzec and the Declarations of Gerstein 120
1. Kurt Gerstein and His Report 120
2. "Proofs" that the Gerstein Testimony is a "Forgery" 122
3. Irrefutable Documents 124
4. The Gerstein Report at Nuremberg 126
5. Stockholm Confirms 127
6. The Gerstein Testimony and the Insincerity of its Detractors 128
7. The Gas Chambers at Belzec 131
8. A Mysterious Visitor and His "Testimony" (?) 133
9. "Witness X" and the Legend of the Mad SS 136
  The Number of Victims and the Korherr Report
by Georges WELLERS
1. Convergence of Diverse Estimates 139
2. Rassinier's Figures and His Methods 140
3. The Hungarian Chapter 143
4. The Korherr Report (December 31, 1942) 145
5. The Korherr Report Completed (March 31, 1943) 149
6. Genocide in the U.S.S.R., in the Baltic Countries and in Bessarabia 150
7. Results of the Census by Nationality of the Population of the U.S.S.R. 151
8. Number of Victims Recorded 154
9. Number of Dead and of Survivors 158
  Bibliography 162
  The First Unabridged Publication of the two Korherr Reports 163
  Appendix A: The First Korherr Report (December 31, 1942), the German Text 165
  Appendix B: The First Korherr Report (December 31, 1942), the English Translation 177
  Appendix C: The Korherr Report Completed (March 31, 1943), the German Text 195
  Appendix D: The Korherr Report Completed (March 31, 1943), the English Translation 202
  Appendix E: Korherr: His Past and Present Activities, His Photograph in 1978 211
  INDEX 212

The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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