The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
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6. The Service for Jewish Affairs within the SD, the II-112, under the Sign of "Zionism." (1935-1938)

We have indicated above that before 1935 the SD did not handle Jewish affairs. Eichmann, posted in the SS to the SD in 1934, was employed in the Free Mason service, where he found the work fastidious. At his trial in Jerusalem he described how he accepted with joy his transfer to the sub service "Judaism," which had just been created. (24)
"One fine day at the beginning of 1935... the SS Untersturmführer von Mildenstein came in... He told me that he had organized a new sub service (Referat) "Judentum"... and asked me if I didn't feel like being appointed to it. Happy to get rid of coins and seals, I answered: yes."
Eichmann was to take charge of Zionism whereas a certain Schroeder was then working on matters concerning the assimilated Jews. Eichmann added that von Mildenstein did not delay in giving him the book by A. Boehm, "Judaism," which he was later to sum up in a "Leitheft" (Notebook of Guidelines for Work). Eichmann indicated the subjects of study (25):
"Structure of world Zionist organization, the goals of Zionism; the sources which assisted it and its difficulties, and also the possibilities of supporting it (Foederung) given that it sought a political solution to the Jewish question."
In brief, the first task of the II-112 consisted in studying and, by means of "men of confidence" and informers, keeping aware of the activities of Jewish organizations both Zionist and "assimilating." Under examination, Eichmann gave the characteristics of the successive chiefs of the II-112 and accorded the place of honour to Hagen. It is interesting to compare these characteristics.

We are already familiar with the structure of the II-112. Let us now consider it in its presentation by Eichmann. He very much appreciated von Mildenstein who rejected the vulgar anti Jewish propaganda launched by Streicher and "sought unconditionally a political solution in such a way that I considered Mr. von Mildenstein my master." But Heydrich judged that von Mildenstein's anti-Jewish behaviour was too clement, (26) and the latter was replaced at the beginning of 1936 (27) by the very young Schroeder, his protégé, whose name we have previously cited. According to Eichmann, Schroeder, whom he despised for his lack of maturity and his arrogance, was to keep this post only a few weeks. Nevertheless, the reports of the II-112 still bore his name in April 1937. He was, however, only temporarily named chief of the II-112 (CDXXXVII-16).

He was replaced on the first of April, 1937 (CDXXXVII-18), by Wisliceny, who until that time had been the collaborator of one of the people responsible for the "Free-Mason" service. "Wisliceny was a

The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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