The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
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However, during this same period, in March 1941, the dream of Madagascar evaporated (96). A. Rosenberg, chief ideologist of the Nazi party, in a speech broadcast on March 28,1941 (PS-2889, CXLVI-23) spoke of the state of the anti Jewish question in Europe. The text appeared in the newspaper of. the Party, "Der Volkische Beobachter." Rosenberg spoke on the occasion of the inauguration of the Institute of studies of the Jewish Question, in Frankfurt. He had previously asked Hitler in writing if in his speech he could speak of the project for the Jewish reserve in Madagascar (CXLVI-210) (97). The answer was certainly negative. In his lengthy discourse, Rosenberg only proclaimed (98):
"This dream" (here Rosenberg is speaking of the eventuality of a Zionist state, which he does not accept)" is liquidated. It is we, on the contrary, who have to reflect on where and how we are to place the Jews. As it has just been said, this cannot be in a Jewish State, but will be done under a form that I want to call Jewish reserve."
Rosenberg left open the question of knowing where such a reserve would be installed. But he set the unchangeable principle:
"For us, the Jewish question will be resolved only when the last Jew has left the Great German space."
In his speech of March 26, 1941, (99), at the opening of the inauguration (CXLVI-22, p. 23), he declared as an argument in favour of the Nazi solution of the Jewish question that the reproaches one could make him were comparable to those one would make to a surgeon who "removes by a surgical operation a mortal tumor." But in the spring of 1941 another "definitive solution" to the Jewish question, altough [sic] still limited in space, was to be conceived and elaborated. A few months later, this solution was to take the place of the "final solution of the Jewish question" in its over-all meaning.

6. The Order of the Führer for the "Final Solution" in the Occupied Soviet Regions (Spring -Summer 1941)

Neither an Order of the Führer decreeing in writing the general extermination of the Jews, nor the valid indication of the existence of such a written order, have been found in the archives of the Third Reich. But the absence of something does not, evidently, prove its non-existence; and it is therefore impossible to pronounce an opinion with certainty on this question. We have gathered together, systematized and analysed the information found on the basic decisions for the launching of the final solution" by extermination; and we have contented ourselves with drawing up some suggestions on this problem. The first act in this sense aimed at the Jews in the occupied Soviet regions.

In March 1941, Hitler prepared the attack on the Soviet Union according to the "Barbarossa Plan," which had been established in December 1940 (PS-446). A complementary text of March 13,1941 (PS-447), formulated special directives, among which figured Hitler's decision authorizing Himmler in the Soviet territories to act independently and on

The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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