The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
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It is certain that the ordinance of the Party of October 9, 1942, and the directives of O. Dietrich intended to present the "final solution" to the public in a sinister and macabre light.

In the winter of 1943, anyone at all had only to buy the November 4, 1943, edition of the weekly "Der Stürmer", published by Streicher, Gauleiter of Franconia, to be informed of the real meaning of the "final solution." "Der Stürmer " was scorned by the very great majority of Germans. We have already seen that before the war, the SS (Hagen and Eichmann) severely criticized this obscene and outrageously vulgar organ of anti-Jewish propaganda. Hitler nevertheless insisted that it continue to appear, and the "Stürmer" was ostentatiously exposed in the streets of all the cities of the Reich.

But far from limiting itself to the propaganda calling for the murder of the Jews, it gave the information that this murder was being accomplished.

Streicher, who was judged in Nuremberg at the trial of the major Nazi war criminals, explained the working habits of the editor of the "Stürmer." He emphasized the important role played by the analysis of the paper "The Jewish Weekly," published by the Swiss Jewish community, in the preparation of the issues. This paper contained news on the extermination of the Jews of the East or of those deported to the East. The November 4, 1943, issue of the " Stürmer " (PS-1965) contains an article entitled "The New Jewish Order. What the Jews Demand for Themselves." (138) Therein is found this quotation from the Swiss weekly:
"The Jews have, so to speak, disappeared from Europe, except with respect to England and also the small Jewish communities in the few neutral countries. The Jewish reservoir in the East, which was capable of equilibrating the phenomena of assimilation in the West, no longer exists."
The " Stürmer " made the following comment on this quotation:
"It is not a question of a Jewish fraud (Judenschwindel). It is in fact true that the Jews have "so to speak" disappeared from Europe and that "the Jewish reservoir in the East," from which the Jewish epidemic (Judenseuche) had spread for hundreds of years onto the European peoples, has ceased to exist. If the Jewish publication wants to claim that the Jews did not envisage such a development when they thrust the peoples into the Second World War, they are not to be believed. But the Führer of the German people, from the very beginning of the war, foretold what has now happened. He said that the Second World War would swallow up those who had wanted it... One thus annihilates the cause, the Jew; and the world is freed of the Jewish animosity. One understands that the Jews do not wish such a solution. They demand rather the extermination of all the non-Jews, who necessarily become enemies of the Jews, because of the presence of the Jews."
Thus the editorial staff of the "Stürmer" declared itself to be informed of the event reported by the Swiss publication. Given that Streicher, a scandalous personality, had already for several years been put aside from the real political life of the country, his news did not have the credibility of being official. Nevertheless, the very fact that it was published and that this paper was especially exposed in the stands, took on

The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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