The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
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This table calls for a few remarks.

1) Korherr wrote on the subject of the statistics of his report that were included "but partially the deaths of Jews in the occupied regions of the East, whereas the deaths which occurred in the rest of Russia and in the zone of the front are not at all included in it." Thus one is warned that the total of 2,669,118 "evacuees" is incomplete, that it is notoriously too low. The expression "deaths which occurred.., in the zone of the front" seems to exclude from this accountancy the operations of the "Einsatzgruppen" which acted precisely "in the zone of the front," immediately following the front-line troops of the Wehrmacht to whose authority this zone was subordinated. It is a gap and no doubt a considerable one. We shall come back to it shortly.

2) It may be asked what value may be attributed to Korherr's work. His great responsibilities within the SS, his indiscutable [sic] competence in statistics, the fact that the addressees of his report are Hitler and Himmler, whose brutality in case of sanctions is well-known, are already serious guarantees. But one may go still farther. In fact, in the case of at least two countries it is possible to verify the accuracy of Korherr's data and at the same time to realize that he drew them from authentic reports of the "competent services." The countries are France and Belgium where, for the periods up to 12-31-42 and from 1-1 to 3-31-43, the number of deportees, as well as the dates and the place of deportation are known with certainty owing to the nominative lists of the persons of each convoy. These were established in several copies which were found after the liberation in the files of the "Judenreferat" of Paris and are conserved in the archives of the C.D.J.C. At the departure of the train, the "Judenreferat" confided two lists to the chief of the escort and communicated the others:
a) to the Inspectorship of the Concentration Camps in Oranienburg.
b) to the Service IV B4 of Eichmann in Berlin and to
c) the camp of destination.
This permits us to know the exact number of Jews deported from France at the date of 12-31-42 and between this date and 3-31-43 (27, 46, 50). An analogous situation is found in Belgium (26).

Insofar as France is concerned, on 12-31-42 the number of persons marked on the nominative lists is 41,951, instead of 41,911, the figure given by Korherr (27). Between 12-31-42 and 3-31-43 the number of persons accordings [sic] to the name lists is equal to 8,001 (7,995 indicated by Korherr). Thus, out of almost 50,000 persons, the difference is of 46 people or of 0.09%. That means that in the case of France the statistics of Korherr are remarkably verified.

In the case of Belgium, the count according to the name lists is of 16,861 until 12-31-42 and between this date and 3-31-43 of 1,604. Korherr indicated 16,886 and 1,616 respectively. The discrepancy is of 37 persons out of 18,500 or 0.20%. One may therefore consider Korherr's work as worthy of confidence. It is obvious that it is based on first hand information coming from either the "Inspectorship of the

The Holocaust and the Neo-Nazi Mythomania
© 1978, The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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