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Fred Leuchter's s.c. "proof" that the gas chamber executions "never happened": Does anyone know of an article that has answered these arguments? If so, could you please e-mail me?

Richard J. Green Responds:

I am one of the people who answers questions sent to our Q&A. See

We have many articles on our site addressing the lies of Leuchter, Rudolf and others.

Here are some pointers:

The Chemistry of Auschwitz:

Leuchter, Rudolf, and the Iron Blues

Chemistry is Not the Science: Rudolf, Rhetoric, and Reduction

My Expert Report for the Irving-Lipsatdt trial:

Hope this helps.

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See also A Documented Analysis of a Speech given by Fred A. Leuchter on November 10, 1991 by Harry W. Mazal, OBE. It addresses the many inconsistencies, misinterpretations, and mendacious statements made by Fred Leuchter in a November 10, 1991 presentation to a group of German right wing extremists in Weinheim, Germany.

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