and, in consultation with the Legal Division of the Office of the Military Government for Germany (United States) and with the French and Soviet Allied Secretariats, I arranged for the printing of this number of notices. At the same time I arranged for the printing of a similar number of notices to Martin Bormann. These two notices were both printed on the same sheet of paper and a copy is annexed hereto and marked "Exhibit I".

9,000 of these notices were distributed by me to the appropriate officers in the French, Soviet, British and American Sectors, namely 2,500 each for the American and Soviet Sectors and 2,000 each for the French and British Sectors. I am informed, and verily believe, that these notices were posted and exhibited in public places before midnight of the 27th October, 1945. 1,000 copies were retained by me as a reserve to be handed to Military authorities in the four Zones for reading and posting in P.O.W. Camps.

4. As to the remaining 190,000 of the said notices, 50,000 were handed personally by me to the Bureau of Information of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany. I arranged for the delivery of 50,000 to the Public Relations Branch of Control Commission for Germany (British Element) at Lübeck, Germany. I have made full and continuous enquiries and I am informed and verily believe that these notices were immediately distributed throughout the British Zone and through the channels which ensure the widest possible distribution.

I am informed by the Legal Division of the Office of Military Government for Germany (United States) that as previously arranged with me, they delivered 40,000 copies to the French Authorities at Baden-Baden. I am also informed by them and verily believe that the remaining 50,000 notices were handed by them to the appropriate United States Authorities for distribution through their Zone.

5. During the period October 20th to November 17th 1945 there have been four weekly publications in each of the four Zones of Germany of the said two notices in newspapers and over radio stations. The American, Soviet and British newspapers in Berlin have also carried the notices. Furthermore, in pursuance of the order of the International Military Tribunal, the said notices were handed to the appropriate Military Authorities of each of the four Zones for reading in Prisoner-of-War Camps and for such other form of publication as local Commanders might think proper within their own discretion.

6. Exhibits II, III and IV which are attached hereto, and marked by me, are certificates by the appropriate American, French and Soviet Authorities that the requirements of the said two orders of the International Military Tribunal have been fulfilled.