1. I caused to be transmitted to the DANA news service in Bad Nauheim copies of the attached notices to Martin Bormann and to members of certain organizations (Exhibit I) with instructions that these notices were to be published in German language newspapers in the United States Zone of Germany and the United States Sector of Berlin, and broadcast over radio stations in the United States Zone

2. Through the Radio Section of Information Control Division, U S Forces, European Theater. I have been informed that the above mentioned notices were broadcast three times each between October 26 and November 8 1945 (Exhibit II D)

3. Through the DANA news service and through personal observation I have learned that copies of the above mentioned d notices were printed in German language newspapers in the United States Zone and the United States sector of Berlin between 16 October and 17 November 1945.

Dated at Berlin, Germany, this 23rd day of November 1945

Press Control News Unit (Berlin)
Information Control Division
United States Forces European

Exhibit 11 D. Dissemination in the American Zone

SUBJECT: War Crimes Indictments

TO : Colonel Murphy

1. The general indictment of the 24 defendants and the Nazi organizations was broadcast at 2015 on October 26, November 3 and November 8.

2. The notification to Bormann to the effect that he would be tried in absentia if he did not appear personally for trial was broadcast at 2000 hours October 26, November 2 and November 8.

2 All of these broadcasts originated at Luxembourq and were relayed by Frankfurt, Munich, and Stuttgart

Chief Radio Section