23 Nov. 45

Nationalism, in the value of … strength and power of individual personality."

And, a little further down, the next to the last and the last sentence of that same paragraph, Hitler said:

"If one rejects pacifism, one must put a new idea in its place immediately. Everything must be pushed aside, must be replaced by something better."

And, in the third paragraph, the last sentence beginning:

"We must not forget that all the benefits of culture must be introduced more or less with an iron fist, just as once upon a time the farmers were forced to plant potatoes."

Then finally, on that page, in the fourth paragraph-nearly at the end of it:

"With the very same courage with which we go to work to make up for what had been sinned during the last 14 years, we have withstood all attempts to move us off the right way."

Then, on the top of the next page, the second paragraph, these words:

"Now we stand before the last election. Regardless of the outcome there will be no retreat, even if the coming election does not bring about a decision."

THE PRESIDENT: Why did you not read the last line on Page 2?

MR. DODD: Beginning with the words "while still gaining power"?

THE PRESIDENT: The sentence before:

"We must first gain complete power if we want to crush the other side completely. While still gaining power, one should not start the struggle against the opponent. Only when one knows that one has reached the pinnacle of power, that there is no further possible development, shall one strike."

MR. DODD: I was going to refer to that, if Your Honor pleases, in a minute. However, I think it is quite proper to have it inserted here. Before starting to read this last paragraph, I suggest that it is nearly the accustomed recess time, as I understand it, and it is a rather lengthy paragraph

THE PRESIDENT [Interposing]: Yes, we will adjourn until 2 o'clock.

[The Tribunal recessed until 1400 hours.]