29 Nov. 45

Afternoon Session

MR. ALDERMAN: May it please the Tribunal, an hour later, following the conversation between Göring and Seyss-Inquart with which I dealt this morning, the Defendant Göring telephoned to Dombrowski in the German Legation in Vienna. I have reference to the telephone conversation marked "TT" on Page 2, Part C, of Document 2949-PS. In that conversation, in the first place, the Defendant Göring showed concern that the Nazi Party and all of its organizations should be definitely legalized promptly. I quote from Page 2 of the transcript:

"Göring: 'Now to go on, the Party has definitely been legalized?'

"Dombrowski: 'But that is--it is not necessary even to discuss that?'

"Göring: 'With all of its organizations.'

"Dombrowski: 'With all of its organizations within this country.'

"Göring: 'In uniform?'

"Dombrowski: 'In uniform.'

"Göring: 'Good.'

"Dombrowski calls attention to the fact that the SA and SS have already been on duty for one-half hour, which means everything is all right."

In addition, Göring stated that the Cabinet--the Austrian Cabinet--must be formed by 7:30 p.m. and he transmitted instructions to be delivered to Seyss-Inquart as to who should be appointed to the Cabinet. I quote from Page 3 of the English text of the transcript of the conversation:

"Göring: 'Yes, and by 7:30 he also must talk with the Führer, and as to the Cabinet, Keppler will bring you the names. One thing I have forgotten: Fischböck must have the Department of Economy and Commerce.'

"Dombrowski: 'That is understood.'

"Göring: 'Kaltenbrunner is to have the Department of Security and Bahr is to have the Armed Forces. The Austrian Army is to be taken by Seyss-Inquart himself and you know all about the Justice Department.'

"Dombrowski: 'Yes, yes.'

"Göring: 'Give me the name.'

"Dombrowski: 'Well, your brother-in-law, isn't that right?'" --That is Hüber, the brother-in-law of the Defendant Göring.--