3 Dec. 45

positions (1600 artillery pieces). He emphasizes flanking action."
Five days later General Stülpnagel asked Defendant Jodl for written assurance that the OKH would be informed 5 days in advance about the impending action. In the evening Jodl conferred with Luftwaffe generals about the co-ordination of ground and air operations at the start of the attack. I now read the 8 September entry in General Jodl's diary, Page 5 of the English translation of Document 1780-PS.

"General Stülpnagel, OAI, asks for written assurance that the Army High Command will be informed 5 days in advance if the plan is to take place. I agree and add that the over-all meteorological situation can be estimated to some extent only for 2 days in advance and that therefore the plans may be changed up to this moment (X-Day minus 2)" — or as the German puts it — "X-2 Tag."

"General Stülpnagel mentions that for the first time he wonders whether the previous basis of the plan is not being abandoned. It presupposed that the Western Powers would not interfere decisively. It gradually seems as if the Führer would stick to his decision, even though he may no longer be of this opinion. It must be added that Hungary is at least moody and that... Italy is reserved."
Now, this is Jodl talking:

"I must admit that I am worrying, too, when comparing the change of opinion about political and military potentialities, according to directives of 24 June '37, 5 November '37, 7 December '37, 30 May 1938, with the last statements. In spite of that, one must be aware of the fact that the other nations will do everything they can to apply pressure on us. We must pass this test of nerves, but because only very few people know the art of withstanding this pressure successfully, the only possible solution is to inform only a very small circle of officers of news that causes us anxiety, and not to have it circulate through anterooms as heretofore. "1800 hours to 2100 hours: Conference with Chief of High Command of Armed Forces and Chief of General Staff of the Air Force (Present were General Jeschonnek, Kammhuber Sternburg, and myself). We agree about the promulgation of the X-Day order" — X-Befehl — "(X-1, 4 o'clock) and preannouncement to the Air Force (X-Day minus 1"X — minus 1 day — "7 o'clock). The 'Y' time has yet to be examined; some formations have an approach flight of one hour."
Late on the evening of the following day, 9 September, Hitler met with Defendant Keitel and Generals Von Brauchitsch and