3 Dec. 45

I now offer in evidence Document C-2 as Exhibit USA-90, which is a carbon copy of the original, signed in pencil. Seven copies of this captured document, as it shows on its face, were prepared and distributed on 1 October 1938 to the OKH, the OKM, the Luftwaffe, and the Foreign Office.

In this study anticipated violations by Germany of international law in connection with the invasion of Czechoslovakia are listed and counterpropaganda suggested for the use of the propaganda agencies. It is a highly interesting top-secret document and with a glance at the original you can see the careful form in which the study of anticipated violations of international law and propagandistic refutations thereof were set out.

The document is prepared in tabular form, in which the anticipated instances of violation of international law are listed in the left hand column. In the second column are given specific examples of the incidents. In the third and fourth column the position to be taken toward these incidents, in violation of international law and in violation of the laws of warfare, is set forth.

The fifth column, which in this document unfortunately is blank was reserved for the explanations to be offered by the Propaganda Minister. I first quote from the covering letter:

"Enclosed is a list drawn up by Section L of the OKW, of the violations of international law which may be expected on the part of fighting troops.

"Owing to the short time allowed for the compilation, Columns c-1 and c-2 had to be filled in directly therefore, for the time being.

"The branches of the Armed Forces are requested to send in an opinion so that a final version may be drawn up.

"The same is requested of the Foreign Office.

"The Chief of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces.

"By order" — signed — "Bürckner."
I am sorry that I perhaps cannot take the time to read extensively from this document. I shall confine myself to reading the first 10 hypothetical incidents for which justification must be found from the second column, Column b of the table:

"First: In an air raid on Prague the British Embassy is destroyed."

"Second: Englishmen or Frenchmen are injured or killed.

"Third: The Hradschin is destroyed in an air raid on Prague.

"Fourth: On account of a report that the Czechs have used gas, the firing of gas projectiles is ordered.

"Fifth: Czech civilians, not recognizable as soldiers, are caught in the act of sabotage (destruction of an important bridge,