3 Dec. 45

The Reichsbahn (the railroads) must provide trains of empty trucks in great numbers by September 28 for the carrying out of mobilization exercises. This task now takes precedence over all others.

"Therefore the trainloads for the limes job" — I understand the 'limes job" to have reference to defense fortification in the West — "will have to be cut down after September 17 and those goods loaded previous to this date unloaded by September 20.

"The Supreme Command of the Army (Fifth Division of the Army General Staff) must issue further orders after consultation with the authorities concerned.

"However, in accordance with the Führer's directive, every effort should be made to continue to supply the materials in as large quantities as feasible, even after 20 September 1938, and this for reasons of camouflage as well as in order to continue the important work on the limes."
The penultimate stage of the aggression begins on 18 September. From that date until the 28th a series of orders was issued advancing preparations for the attack. These orders are included in the Schmundt file and I shall not take the time of the Tribunal by attempting to read all of it.

On the 18th the commitment scheduled for the five participating Armies, the 2d, 8th, 10th, 12th, and 14th, was set forth. That is Item 26 in the Schmundt file at Page 50 of the English translation. Hitler approved the secret mobilization of five divisions in the West to protect the German rear during Case Green, and I refer to Item 31 in the Schmundt file at Page 13 — I beg your pardon, it is Page 55, I had a misprint. I might refer to that. It is a "most-secret" order, Berlin, 27 September 1938, 1920 hours, 45 copies of which this is the 16th:

"The Führer has approved the mobilization, without warning, of the five regular West divisions (26th, 34th, 36th, 33d, and 35th). The Führer and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces has expressly reserved the right to issue the order for employment in the fortification zone and the evacuation of this zone by the workers of the Todt organization.

"It is left to the OKH to assemble as far as possible, first of all the sections ready to march and, subsequently, the remaining sections of the divisions in marshalling areas behind the Western fortifications. " — Signed — "Jodl."
THE PRESIDENT: I think this would be a good time to adjourn. We will meet again at 2 o'clock.

[A recess was taken until 1400 hours.]