3 Dec. 45

Number 1 on occupation of territory separated from Czechoslovakia. This is Item 39 at Page 64 of the Schmundt file. This directive contained a timetable for the occupation of sectors of former Czech territory between 1 and 10 October and specified the tasks of the German Armed Forces.

I read now the fourth and fifth paragraphs of that document:

"2. The present degree of mobilized preparedness is to be maintained completely, for the present also in the West. Order for the rescinding of measures taken, is held over.

"The entry is to be planned in such a way that it can easily be converted into operation Grün."
It contains one other important provision about the Henlein forces, and I quote from the list under the heading "a. Army":

"Henlein Free Corps. All combat action on the part of the Volunteer Corps must cease as from 1st October."
The Schmundt file contains a number of additional secret OKW directives giving instructions for the occupation of the Sudetenland. I think I need not read them, as they are not essential to the proof of our case. They merely indicate the scope of the preparations of the OKW.

Directives specifying the occupational area of the Army, the_ units under its command, arranging for communication facilities, supply, and propaganda, and giving instructions to the various departments of the Government were issued over Defendant Keitel's signature on 30 September. These are Items 40, 41, and 42 in the Schmundt file. I think it is sufficient to read the caption and the signature.


MR. ALDERMAN: Page 66 of the English version. This is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, most secret:

"Special Orders Number 1 to Directive Number 1. Subject: Occupation of Territory Ceded by Czechoslovakia."-Signature-"Keitel." Item 41 is on Page 70 of the Schmundt file. "Supreme Command of the Armed Forces; most secret IV a. Most secret; subject: Occupation of Sudeten-German Territory."-Signed-"Keitel." Item 42 in the Schmundt file is on Page 75, again most secret "Subject: Occupation of the Sudeten-German Area." — Signed — "Keitel."
By 10 October Von Brauchitsch was able to report to Hitler that German troops had reached the demarcation line and that the order for the occupation of the Sudetenland had been fulfilled. The