4 Dec. 45

vote for Hungary. The area of the plebiscite to be up to the March, where a large Slovak population lives.

"The Jewish problem will be solved similarly to that in Germany. The Communist Party to be prohibited.

"The Germans in Slovakia do not want to belong to Hungary but wish to stay in Slovakia.

"The German influence with the Slovak Government considerable; the appointment of a German Minister (member of the Cabinet) has been promised.

"At present negotiations with Hungary are being conducted by the Slovaks. The Czechs are more yielding towards the Hungarians than the Slovaks. "The Field Marshal" — that is Field Marshal Göring — "considers that the Slovak negotiations towards independence are to be supported in a suitable manner. Czechoslovakia without Slovakia is still more at our mercy.

"Air bases in Slovakia are of great importance for the German Air Force for use against the East."
On 12 February a Slovak delegation journeyed to Berlin. It consisted of Tuka, one of the Slovaks with whom the Germans had been in contact, and Karmasin, the paid representative of the Nazi conspirators in Slovakia. They conferred with Hitler and the Defendant Ribbentrop in the Reich Chancellery in Berlin on Sunday, 12 February 1939.

I now offer in evidence Document 2790-PS as Exhibit USA-110, the captured German Foreign Office minutes of that meeting:

"After a brief welcome Tuka thanks the Führer for granting this meeting. He addresses the Führer with 'My Führer' and he voices the opinion that he, though only a modest man himself, might well claim to speak for the Slovak nation. The Czech courts and prison gave him the right to make such a statement. He states that the Führer had not only opened the Slovak question but that he had been also the first one to acknowledge the dignity of the Slovak nation. The Slovakian people will gladly fight under the leadership of the Führer for the maintenance of European civilization. Obviously future association with the Czechs had become an impossibility for the Slovaks from a moral as well as an economic point of view."
Then skipping to the last sentence: " 'I entrust the fate of my people to your care.' " — addressing that to the Führer!

During the meeting the Nazi conspirators apparently were successful in planting the idea of insurrection with the Slovak delegation. I refer to the final sentence of the document, which I