5 Dec. 45

lot of things that a strong Anglo-French coalition would never tolerate.

"This position would arise for instance if England, through insufficient armament or as a result of threats to her empire by a superior coalition of powers, for example, Germany, Italy, Japan, thereby tying down her military forces in other places, would not be able to assure France of sufficient support in Europe."
The next page goes on to discuss the possibilities of a strong partnership between Italy and Japan, and I would pass from my quotation to the next page where the writer is summarizing his ideas.

Paragraph 5:

"Therefore, conclusions to be drawn by us.

"1. Outwardly, further understanding with England in regard to the protection of the interests of our friends.

"2. Formation under great secrecy, but with whole-hearted tenacity of a coalition against England, that is to say, a tightening of our friendship with Italy and Japan, also the winning over of all nations whose interests conform with ours directly or indirectly.

"Close and confidential co-operation of the diplomats of the three great powers towards this purpose. Only in this way can we confront England, be it in a settlement or in war. England is going to to be a hard and astute opponent in this game of diplomacy.

"The particular question whether, in the event of a war by Germany in Central Europe . . ." — I am afraid the translation of this is not very good — "The particular question whether, in the event of a war by Germany in Central Europe, France, and thereby England, would interfere, depends on the circumstances and the time at which such a war commences and ceases, and on military considerations which cannot be gone into here."
And whoever it was that wrote that document appears to be on a fairly high level, because he concludes by saying:

"I should like to give the Führer some of these points of view verbally."
That document is GB-28.

Well, I am afraid that the next two documents have gotten into Your books in the wrong order. If you would refer to 2357-PS which is the one following our L-43 — it will be remembered that document to the Führer which I have just read was dated the 2d of January 1938.