6 Dec. 45

"1. Preparations must be made in such a way that the operation can be carried out at any time from lst of September 1939 onwards." — This is in April, the beginning of April.

"2. The High Command of the Armed Forces has been directed to draw up a precise timetable for Case White and to arrange by conferences the synchronized timings among the three branches of the Armed Forces.

"3. The plans of the branches of the Armed Forces and the details for the timetable must be submitted to the OKW by the 1st of May."
That document, as the Tribunal will see on the following page under the heading "Distribution", went to the OKH, OKM, OKW.

THE PRESIDENT: Are those words at the top part of the document, or are they just notes?

LT. COL. GRIFFITH-JONES: They are part of the document.

THE PRESIDENT: Directives from Hitler and Keitel, preparing for war.

LT. COL. GRIFFITH-JONES: I beg your pardon; no, they are not. The document starts from under the words "Translation of a document signed by Keitel."


LT. COL. GRIFFITH.-JONES: The first words being "top-secret."

If the Tribunal will look at the second page, following after "Distribution", it will be seen that there follows a translation of another document, dated the 11th of April, and that document is signed by Hitler:

"I shall lay down in a later directive the future tasks of the Armed Forces and the preparations to be made in accordance with these for the conduct of the war." — No question about war — "conduct of the war."

"Until that directive comes into force, the Armed Forces must be prepared for the following eventualities:

"I. Safeguarding the frontiers of the German Reich, and protection against surprise air attacks;

"II. Case White;

"III. The Annexation of Danzig.

"Annex IV contains regulations for the exercise of military authority in East Prussia in the event of a warlike development." Again that document goes to the OKH, OKM, OKW.
On the next page of the copy the Tribunal have, the translation of Annex I is set out, which is the safeguarding of the frontiers of