6 Dec. 45

I pass to the next but one document in the Tribunal's book, TC-54, which becomes GB-73. On the lst of September when his armies were already crossing the frontier and the whole of the frontier, he issued this proclamation to his Armed Forces:

"The Polish Government, unwilling to establish good neighborly relations as aimed at by me, want to force the issue by way of arms.

"The Germans in Poland are being persecuted with bloody terror and driven from their homes. Several acts of frontier violation, which cannot be tolerated by a great power, show that Poland is no longer prepared to respect the Reich's frontiers. To put an end to these mad acts, I can see no other way but from now onwards to meet force with force.

"The German Armed Forces will with firm determination take up the struggle for the honor and the vital rights of the resuscitated German people.

"I expect every soldier to be conscious of the high tradition of the eternal German soldierly qualities and to do his duty to the last.

"Remember always and in any circumstances that you are the representatives of National Socialist Greater Germany.

"Long live our people and the Reich."
And so we see that at last Hitler had kept his word to his generals. He had afforded them their propagandistic justification; and at that time, anyway, it did not matter what people said about it afterwards. "The victor shall not be asked later on, whether he told the truth or not." Might is what counts — or victory is what counts and not right.

On that day, the lst of September, when news came of this violation of Polish ground, the British Government in accordance with their treaty obligations sent an ultimatum to the German Government in which they stated — I quote from the last paragraph:

"I am accordingly to inform your Excellency that unless the German Government are prepared to give His Majesty's Government satisfactory assurances that the German Government have suspended all aggressive action against Poland and are prepared promptly to withdraw their forces from Polish territory, His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom will without hesitation fulfil their obligations to Poland."
By the 3rd of September no withdrawal had taken place, and So at 9 o'clock — the document, TC-72, Number 110, 1 have just referred to will be GB-74 — at 9 o'clock on the 3rd of September, a final ultimatum was handed to the German Minister of Foreign Affairs. I quote from the third paragraph: