6 Dec. 45

"Although this communication was made more than 24 hours ago, no reply has been received but German attacks upon Poland have been continued and intensified. I have accordingly the honor to inform you that, unless not later than 11 o'clock British summer time today, the 3rd of September, satisfactory assurances to the above effect have been given by the German Government and have reached His Majesty's Government in London, a state of war will exist between the two countries as from that hour."
And so it was that at 11 o'clock on the 3rd of September a state of war existed between Germany and England and between Germany and France. All the appeals to peace, all the appeals to reason we now see completely stillborn; stillborn when they were made. Plans, preparations, intentions, determination to carry out this assault upon Poland, had been going on for months, for years before. It mattered not what anybody but the German Government had in mind or whatever rights anybody else but the German nation thought they had; and, if there is any doubt left at all after what we have seen, I would ask you to look at two more documents.

If you would look at the last document first of all, in your document book — 1831-PS, which becomes GB-75. Even now on the 3rd of September, Mussolini offers some chance of peace.

We have here a telegram. It is timed 6:30 hours, and I am afraid I am unable to say whether that is 6:30 in the morning or evening; but it is dated the 3rd of September, and I quote:

"The Italian Ambassador handed to the State Secretary at the Duce's order the following copy for the Führer and Reich Chancellor and for the Reich Minister for Foreign Affairs:

" 'Italy sends the information, leaving, of course, every decision to the Führer, that it still has a chance to call a conference with France, England, and Poland on the following basis:

" '1. An armistice which would leave the army corps where they are at present — and it will be remembered that on the 3rd of September they had advanced a considerable way over the frontier —

" '2. calling a conference within 2 or 3 days; 3. solution of the Polish-German controversy would be certainly favorable for Germany as matters stand today.

" 'This idea, which originated from the Duce, has its foremost exponent in France.

"'Danzig is already German and Germany is holding already securities which guarantee most of her demands. Besides, Germany has had already her "moral satisfaction." If she would accept the plan for a conference, it will achieve all her aims and at the same time prevent a war which already today