6 Dec. 45

MAJOR JONES: The report, C-66, was made in January 1944 by the Defendant Raeder to Assmann, who was the German. naval historian, and so, presumably, was for the purposes of history.

Before Raeder's report of 10 October 1939 was made to the Führer, Raeder got a second opinion on the Norwegian invasion. On the 3rd of October Raeder made out the questionnaire to which I now invite the Court's attention. It is Document C-122 and the Court will find it next but one to C-66 in the document book. That will now be Exhibit GB-82.

That, as the Tribunal will observe, is headed "Gaining of Bases in Norway (extract from War Diary)" and bears the date of the 3rd of October 1939. It reads:

"The Chief of the Naval Operations Staff" — who was the Defendant Raeder — " considers it necessary that the Führer be informed as soon as possible of the opinions of the Naval Operations Staff on the possibilities of extending the operational base to the north. It must be ascertained whether it is possible to gain bases in Norway under the combined pressure of Russia and Germany, with the basic aim of improving our strategic and operational position. The following questions must be given consideration:

"(a) What places in Norway can be considered as bases?

"(b) Can bases be gained by military force against Norway's will if it is impossible to carry this out without fighting?

"(c) What are the possibilities of defense after the occupation?

"(d) Will the harbors have to be developed completely as bases or have they already decisive advantages suitable for supply position?"
Then there follows in parenthesis:
"The Commander of the U-boat Fleet" — which is a reference, of course, to the Defendant Dönitz — ". . . considers such harbors already extremely useful as equipment and supply bases at which Atlantic U-boats can call temporarily."
And then Question (e)

"What decisive advantages would exist for the conduct of the war at sea in gaining bases in north Denmark, e.g. Skagen?"
There is, in our possession, a document C-5, to find which it will be necessary for the Court to go back in the document book to the first of the C exhibits. This will be Exhibit GB-83.

This is a memorandum written by the Defendant Dönitz on Norwegian bases. It presumably relates to the questionnaire of the Defendant Raeder which, as I have indicated, was in circulation at about that time. The document is headed, "Commander of the