7 Dec. 45

Carry out 'H' and Weser Exercise only, and guarantee Belgium Is neutrality for the duration of the war." I would like to repeat that entry if I may be permitted to do so. "New idea: Carry out 'H' and Weser Exercise only, and guarantee Belgium's neutrality for the duration of the war."

The next entry to which I invite the Court's attention is the entry of the 21st of February.

THE TRIBUNAL (Mr. Biddle): What does that mean, to "carry out 'H' "?

I MAJOR JONES: That is a reference to another code word, "Hartmut," which the Court will see disclosed in a subsequent document. That is another code word for this Norwegian and Danish operation.

The entry of February 21st in Jodl's diary reads:

"Führer has talked with General Von Falkenhorst and charges him with preparation of Weser Exercise. Falkenhorst accepts gladly. Instructions issued to the three branches of the Armed Forces."
Then the next entry, on the next page . . .

THE PRESIDENT: "Weser Exercise" — is that Norway too?

MAJOR JONES: That is Norway too, My Lord, yes. That is a translation of "Weserübung."

The entry on the next page, under the date of February the 28th:

"I propose first to the Chief of OKW and then to the Führer that Case Yellow" — which as the Court knows is the code name for the invasion of the Netherlands — " and Weser Exercise" — the invasion of Norway and Denmark — "must be prepared in such a way that they will be independent of one another as regards both time and forces employed. The Führer completely agrees, if this is in any way possible."
So that the Court will observe that the new idea of February the 6th that the neutrality of Belgium might be preserved had been abandoned by February the 28th.

The next entry is of February the 29th — I am not troubling the Court with further entries of the 28th of February, which relate to the forces to be employed in the invasion of Norway and Denmark. February 29th, the second paragraph:

"Führer also wishes to have a strong task force in Copenhagen and a plan elaborated in detail showing how individual coastal batteries are to be captured by shock troops. Warlimont, Chief of Land Defense, instructed to make out immediately the order of the Army, Navy, and Air Force; and Chief 'WZ' to make out a similar order regarding the strengthening of the staff."