7 Dec. 45

the deception that was used by the defendants and their confederates in the course of that aggression. I would now draw the Court's attention to Document C-115, which for the purpose of the record will be Exhibit GB-90. First of all I will draw the Court's attention to the second paragraph, "General Orders," with a date, "4th of April 1940":

"The barrage-breaking vessels" — Sperrbrecher — " will penetrate inconspicuously and with lights on into Oslo Fjord disguised as merchant steamers.

"Challenge from coastal signal stations and look-outs are to be answered by the deceptive use of the names of English steamers. I lay particular stress on the importance of not giving away the operation before zero hour."
Then the next entry is an order for reconnaissance forces dated the 24th of March 1940, "Behavior during entrance into the harbor." The third paragraph is the part to which I wish to draw the Court's attention:

"The disguise as British craft must be kept up as long as possible. All challenges in Morse by Norwegian ships will be answered in English. In answer to questions a text with something like the following content will be chosen:

" 'Calling at Bergen for a short visit; no hostile intent.'

"Challenges to be answered with names of British warships: "Köln — H.M.S. Cairo; Königsberg — H.M.S. Calcutta; Bremse — H.M.S. Faulkner; Karl Peters — H.M.S. Halcyon; Leopard — British destroyer; Wolf — British destroyer; S-boats — British motor torpedo boats.

"Arrangements are to be made enabling British war flags to be illuminated. Continual readiness for making smoke screen."
And then finally the next order dated the 24th of March 1940, Annex 3, "From Flag Officer, Reconnaissance Forces; most secret." Next page, page two:

"Following is laid down as guiding principle should one of our own units find itself compelled to answer the challenge of passing craft. To challenge in case of the Köln — 'H.M.S. Cairo'; then to order to stop — '(1) Please repeat last signal, (2) Impossible to understand your signal'; in case of a warning shot — -'Stop firing, British ship, good friend'; in case of an inquiry as to destination and purpose — 'Going Bergen, chasing German steamers.'"
Then I would draw the Court's attention to Document C-151, which for the purposes of the record will be Exhibit GB-91, which is a Dönitz order in connection with this operation. If the Court will observe, it is headed: