7 Dec. 45

press; and then, My Lord, in the second paragraph over the page there is an allegation of the attempts of the British Intelligence to bring a revolution in Germany with the assistance of Belgium and the Netherlands.

Then, My Lord, in Paragraph 3 reference is made to military preparation of the two countries; and in Paragraph 4 it is pointed out that Belgium has fortified the Belgian-German frontier.

A complaint is made in regard to Holland in Paragraph 5 that British aircraft have flown over the Netherlands' country.

There are, My Lord, other charges made against the neutrality of these two countries although no instances are given. I don't think I need refer to anything on Page 3 of the document.

Page 4, My Lord — I would like, if I might, to read the middle paragraph:

"In this struggle for existence, forced upon the German people by England and France, the Reich Government are not disposed to await submissively the attack by England and France and to allow them to carry the war over Belgium and the other Netherlands into German territory."
And, My Lord, I just emphasize this sentence and then I read no further:

"They have, therefore, now issued the command to German troops to ensure the neutrality of these countries by all the military means at the disposal of the Reich."
My Lord, it is unnecessary, in my submission, to emphasize the falsity of that statement. The world now knows that for months preparations had been made to violate the neutrality of these three countries. This document is saying the orders to do so have now been issued.

My Lord, a similar document, similar in terms altogether was handed to the representatives of the Netherlands Government; My Lord, TC-60 — that will be GB-113, which is the last document but one in the bundle. My Lord, that is a memorandum to the Luxembourg Government, which enclosed with it a copy of the document handed to the Governments of Belgium and the Netherlands.

My Lord, I only desire to emphasize the second paragraph of TC-60:

"In defense against the imminent attack the German troops have now received the order to safeguard the neutrality of these two countries . . . . "
My Lord, the last document, TC-59, which I formerly put in, that is GB-111. My Lord, that is the dignified protest of the Belgian Government against the crime which was committed against her. My Lord, those,