7 Dec. 45

hand, Russia will realize that strong and highly trained German troops are stationed in the Government General, in the Eastern Provinces and in the Protectorate; she should draw the conclusion that we can at any time protect our interests — especially in the Balkans — with strong forces against Russian seizure.

"For the work of our own intelligence service as well as for the answer to questions of the Russian Intelligence Service, the following directives apply:

"1) The respective total strength of the German troops in the East is to be veiled as far as possible by giving news about a frequent change of the army units there. This change is to be explained by movements into training camps, regroupings et cetera.

"2) The impression is to be created that the center of the massing of troops is in the southern part of the Government, in the Protectorate, and in Austria, and that the massing in the north is relatively unimportant.

"3) When it comes to the equipment situation of the units, especially of the armored divisions, things are to be exaggerated, if necessary.

"4) By suitable news the impression is to be created that the antiaircraft protection in the East has been increased considerably after the end of the campaign in the West and that it continues to be increased with captured French material on all important targets.

"5) Concerning improvements on railroads, roads, airdromes, et cetera, it, is to be stated that the work is kept within normal limits, is needed for the improvement of the newly won eastern territories, and serves primarily economical traffic.

"The Supreme Command of the Army (OKH) decides to what extent correct details, i.e., numbers of regiments, manning of garrisons, et cetera, will be made available to the defense for purposes of counter espionage.

"The Chief of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces, by order of" — signed — "Jodl."
Early in November of 1940 Hitler reiterated his previous orders and called for a continuation of preparations, promising further and more definite instructions as soon as this preliminary work produced a general outline of the Army's operational plan. This order was contained in a top-secret directive from the Führer's headquarters, Number 18, dated 12 November 1940, signed by Hitler and initialed