10 Dec. 45

carried out according to the directives from the chief of the office, respectively" — I suppose — "by the group of departments for foreign territories" — Ausland — " with the co-operation of all departments, economy offices, and any other persons possessing information on Russia. Through these intensive preparative activities an excellent collection of material was made which proved of the utmost value later on for carrying out the operations and for administering the territories." That ends the quotation.

By the end of February 1941 this preliminary planning had proceeded to a point where a broader plan of organization was needed, and so General Thomas held a conference with his subordinates on 28 February 1941 to call for such a plan. A memorandum of this conference, classified top secret and dated 1 March 1941, was captured, and is our Document 1317-PS. I now offer it in evidence as Exhibit USA-140. The text of this memorandum reads as follows:

"The general ordered that a broader plan of organization be drafted for the Reich Marshal.

"Essential Points: "1 The whole organization to be subordinate to the Reich Marshal. Purpose: Support and extension of the measures of the Four Year Plan.

"2. The organization must include everything concerning war economy, excepting only food which is said to be made already a special mission of State Secretary Backe.

"3. Clear statement that the organization is to be independent of the military or civil administration. Close co-ordination, but instructions direct from the central office in Berlin.
"4. Scope of activities to be divided into two steps: a) Accompanying the advancing troops directly behind the front lines in order to avoid the destruction of supplies and to secure the removal of important goods; b) Administration of the occupied industrial districts and exploitation of economically complementary districts."
And then, on the bottom of Page 1:

"5. In view of the extended field of activity the term 'war economy inspection' is to be used in preference to armament inspection.

"6. In view of the great field of activity the organization must be generously equipped and personnel must be correspondingly numerous. The main mission of the organization will consist of seizing raw materials and taking over all