10 Dec 45

only one to whom you should communicate the contents of this letter.

"I should be obliged if you would acknowledge the receipt of this letter.

"Heil Hitler, Yours very sincerely, signed, Dr. Lammers."
In the next letter Keitel writes Lammers acknowledging receipt of his letter and telling of his compliance with the request Keitel also writes Rosenberg telling him of the action he has taken, Now, the letter to Dr. Lammers I — shall read the text:

"Dear Reich Minister:

"I acknowledge receipt of the copy of the Führer's decree in which the Führer appointed Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg as his commissioner for the central control of questions connected with the east European region. I have named General of the Artillery Jodl, head of the Armed Forces Operational Staff, as my permanent deputy, and Major General Warlimont as his, deputy to Reichsleiter Rosenberg."
And the letter to Reichsleiter Rosenberg on the same date:

"The head of the Reich Chancellery has sent me a copy of the Führer's decree, by which he has appointed you his commissioner for the central control of questions connected with the east European region. I have charged General of the Artillery Jodi, head of the Armed Forces Operational Staff, and his deputy, Major General Warlimont, with the solving of these questions as far as they concern the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces. Now I ask you, as for as your office is concerned, to deal with them only."
Immediately upon receipt of the order from Hitler Rosenberg began building his organization, conferring with the various ministries, issuing his instructions, and generally making the detailed plans and preparations necessary to carry out his assigned mission. Although Rosenberg's files, which were captured intact, were crowded with documents evidencing both the extent of the preparation and its purpose. I believe that the citation of a small number which are typical should be sufficient for the Tribunal and the record. All of those I shall now discuss were found in the Defendant Rosenberg's files.

Our document numbered 1030-PS is a memorandum, dated 8 May 1941, entitled, General Instructions for all Reich commissioners in the occupied Eastern Territories." I offer that in evidence as Exhibit USA-144.

In these instructions to his chief henchmen Rosenberg outlines the political aims and purposes the attack. in the second and third paragraphs of the English translation, which appear on Page 2 of the German, the following remarks appear.