11 Dec. 45

and from it I wish to quote, from the English text starting with the first paragraph, and in the German text it appears at the first paragraph of Page 2. Quoting directly:

"The Army group center has the intention to apprehend 40,000-50,000 youths at the ages of 10 to 14 who are in the Army territory and to transport them to the Reich." I wish to pass now to line 21 of Paragraph 1. Quoting directly I read as follows:

"It is intended to allot these juveniles primarily to the German trades as apprentices to be used as skilled workers after 2 years' training. This is to be arranged through the Organization Todt which is especially equipped for such a task by means of its technical and other set-ups. This action is being greatly welcomed by the German trade since it represents a decisive measure for the alleviation of the shortage of apprentices."
Passing a little further on in that document, I wish to call to the attention of the Tribunal Paragraph 1 on Page 2, and to quote it directly:

"This action is aimed not only at preventing a direct reinforcement of the enemy's military strength but also at a reduction of his biological potentialities as viewed from the perspective of the future. These ideas have been voiced not only by the Reichsführer SS but also by the Führer Corresponding orders were given during last year's withdrawals in the southern sector . . . . "
I call to Your Honor's attention particularly that the approval of the Defendant Rosenberg is noted on Page 3 of the document. It is a note in ink on the original. I quote it:

"Obergruppenfüher Berger has received another memorandum on June 14, according to which the Reich Minister now has approved the action."
THE PRESIDENT: Mr. Dodd, did you mean to leave out the sentence at the bottom of Page 1?

MR. DODD: No, Your Honor, I did not, but I did not want to refer to it at this time. I will refer to it a little later on.

THE PRESIDENT: Isn't it really a part of what follows at the top of Page 2, which you did read, "Following are the arguments . . ."

MR. DODD: Yes, I did omit that. I thought you were referring to the sentence above. I'm sorry.

"Following are the arguments against this decision of the minister." — and then quoting — "This action is not only aimed at preventing direct reinforcement of any military . . ."