13 Dec. 45

obtaining foreign labor as well as domestic labor in response to your requests and that a large part of the foreign labor was forced labor?

"A: Yes.

"Q: So that, simply by way of illustration, suppose that on January 1, 1944 you require 50,000 workers for a given purpose; would you put in a requisition for 50,000 workers, knowing that in that 50,000 there would be forced foreign workers?

"A: Yes."
The Defendant Speer has also stated under oath that he knew at least as early as September of 1942 that workers from the Ukraine were being forcibly deported for labor into Germany. Likewise he knew that the great majority of the workers of the western occupied countries were slave laborers forced against their will to come to Germany; and again referring to his interrogation of this 18th day of October 1945, and beginning with the fourth Paragraph from the bottom of Page 5 of the English text, Paragraph 10 on Page 6 of the German text, we find this series of questions and answers:

"Q: When did you first find out then that some of the manpower from the Ukraine was not coming voluntarily?

"A: It is rather difficult to answer this here, that is, to name a certain date to you. However, it is certain that I knew that at some particular point of time the manpower from the Ukraine did not come voluntarily.

"Q: And does that apply also to the manpower from other occupied countries; that is, did there come a time when you knew that they were not coming voluntarily?

"A: Yes.

"Q: When, in general, would you say that time was without placing a particular month of the year?

"A: As far as the Ukraine situation goes, I believe that they did not come voluntarily any more after a few months, because immense mistakes were made in their treatment by us. I should say offhand that this time was either in July, August, or September of 1942."
Turning to Paragraph 11 on Page 6 of the English text of this same interrogation and Page 7 and Paragraph 8 of the German text, we find this series of questions and answers — quoting:
"Q: But many workers actually did come from the west to Germany, did they not? "

A: Yes.

"Q: That means then, that the great majority of the workers that came from the western countries — the western occupied countries — came against their will to Germany?