13 Dec. 45


MR. DODD: Thirteen. I don't want to labor this responsibility of the Defendant Speer. I was anxious — or perhaps I should say we are all overanxious — to have the documents in the record and before the Tribunal.

THE PRESIDENT: Which is the passage you want to refer to on Page 13?

MR. DODD: I just referred in passing to the statement which begins with the words, "We have to come to an arrangement with the Reichsführer SS." And in the next to the last sentence it says: "The men should be put into the factories as convicts."

Finally, with reference to the Defendant Speer, I should like to say to the Tribunal that he visited the concentration camp at Mauthausen and he also visited factories such as those conducted by the Krupp industries, where concentration camp labor was exploited under degrading conditions. Despite this first-hand knowledge of these conditions, both in Mauthausen and in the places where these forced laborers were at work in factories, he continued to direct the use of this type of labor in factories under his own jurisdiction.

THE PRESIDENT: How do you intend to prove it as to these concentration camps?

MR. DODD: I was going to refer the Tribunal to Page 9 of the interrogation of the 18th of October 1945; and I refer to Page 11, Paragraph 5, of the German text and Page 9, beginning with Paragraph 9, of the English text:

"Q: But, in general, the use of concentration camp labor was known to you and approved by you as a source of labor?

"A: Yes.

"Q: And you knew also, I take it, that among the inmates of the concentration camps there were both Germans and foreigners?

"A: I didn't think about it at that time.

"Q: As a matter of fact, you visited the Austrian concentration camp personally, did you not?

"A: I did not — well, I was in Mauthausen once, but at that time I was not told just to what categories the inmates of the concentration camps belonged.

"Q: But in general everybody knew, did they not, that foreigners who were taken away by the Gestapo or arrested by the Gestapo, as well as Germans, found their way into the concentration camps?