14 Dec. 45

of the Reich under the supervision of the Reich Ministers of Justice and the Interior, and that its task would be:
"To promote the reconstruction of German legal life and to realize, in constant close collaboration with the competent legislative organizations, the National Socialist program in the entire sphere of the law."
Second, before quoting from the afore-mentioned report of the Academy of German Law, I should like to offer in evidence Document Number 2749-PS, which is Exhibit Number USA-301. This is the title page of the publication of the Academy of German Law for 1940. It is offered for the purpose of showing that Defendant Frank was the President of the Academy of German Law during the period that the above-mentioned secret report of the Academy was made. The document specifically states, and I quote:
"Reich Minister Dr. Hans Frank, President of the Academy for German Law, 7th year 1940."
Now, if I may ask Your Honors to turn to Document Number 661-PS, I should first 'like to quote Page 1, lines 6 to 24, of the English text. In the German text these extracts appear at Page 6, lines 6 to 10; and line 22, Page 6, to line 4, Page 7. 1 quote:

"In the carrying out of costly and long-term measures for the increase of agricultural production, the Government General can, at the most, absorb 1 to 1.5 million resettlers, as it is already over-populated in many cases . . . . By further absorption of 1.6 million resettlers the 1925 Reich census figure of 133 inhabitants per square kilometer would be reached, which practically, because of already existing rural Over-population and lack of industry, would result in a double over-pressure.

"This figure of 1.6 million will barely suffice for deportations from the Reich:

"The Jews from the liberated East (over 600,000 ); groups of the remaining Jews, preferably the younger age groups from Germany proper, Austria, Sudetengau and the Protectorate (altogether over 1 million)."
Continuing the quotation, the report goes on with respect to transfers from the Reich, and I continue to quote:
"The Polish intelligentsia, who have been branded as politicians, and potential political leaders; the leading economic personalities, comprising owners of large estates, industrialists and businessmen, et cetera; the peasant population, so far as it has to be removed in order to carry out, by strips of German settlements, the encirclement of Polish territories in the East."