14 Dec. 45

The particular statement that I want to quote appears on Page 4, Your Honor, of Document Number 2233-PS. I believe it appears at Page 77, lines 9 and 10 of the German text. I quote-this is what Defendant Frank stated, "We must annihilate the Jews, wherever we find them, and wherever it is possible . . . . "

I turn next to that aspect of the conspirators' program which involved the forcible Germanization of persons in the incorporated area who were deemed to possess German blood. I refer you now, Your Honors, to the incorporated area, to persons who were deemed to possess German blood. Such persons, the evidence will show, were given the choice of the concentration camp or submission to Germanization. Himmler was the chief executioner of this program; and initially I should like to introduce a few documents which disclose the powers bestowed upon him and his conception of his task.

First, I offer in evidence Document Number 686-PS. This is Exhibit Number USA-305. This is a copy of a secret decree signed by Hitler and Defendants Göring and Keitel, dated 7 October 1939, entrusting Himmler with the task of executing the conspirators' Germanization program. This particular document came from the ministerial collection center at Kassel, Germany. I quote from Page 1, lines 9 to 21 of the English text. In the German text these extracts appear at Page 1, lines 13 to 25:

"The Reichsführer SS" — that was Himmler — "has the obligation in accordance with my directives:

"1 To bring back for final return into the Reich all German nationals and racial Germans in the foreign countries.

"2. To eliminate the harmful influence of such alien parts of the population which represent a danger to the Reich and the German folk community.

"3. The forming of new German settlements by resettling and, in particular, by settling the returning German citizens and racial Germans from abroad.

"The Reichsführer SS is authorized to take all necessary general and administrative measures for the execution of .his obligation."
Himmler's conception of his task under this decree is plainly stated in the foreword which he wrote for the Deutsche Arbeit issue of June-July 1942. The foreword is contained in Document Number 2915-PS, now Exhibit Number USA-306. I quote from the first four lines of the English text. The German text appears at Page 157:

"It is our task" — Himmler wrote — " to germanize the East, not in the old sense that is, to teach the people there the