14 Dec. 45

German language and German law — but to see to it that only people of purely German, Germanic blood live in the East. Signed, Himmler." I next offer in evidence Document Number 2916-PS, which is Exhibit Number USA-307. This document contains various materials taken out of Der Menscheneinsatz of 1940, a confidential publication issued by Himmler's office for the consolidation of German nationhood. I quote initially from Page 1, lines 7 to 11. In the German text these extracts appear at Page 51, first four lines under the letter "D." I quote:

"The removal of foreign races from the incorporated Eastern Territories is one of the most essential goals to be accomplished in the German East. This is the chief national political task, which had to be executed in the incorporated Eastern Territories by the Reichsführer SS, Reich Commissioner for the Preservation of German Nationality."
I next quote from lines 33 to 39 of Page 1 of the English text. In the German text these extracts appear on Page 52, lines 14 to 20. I quote:

"There are the following two primary reasons which make the regaining of this lost German blood an urgent necessity:

"1. Prevention of a further increase of the Polish intelligentsia through families of German descent, even if they are Polonized. '2. Increase of the population by racial elements desirable for the German nation and the acquisition of ethno-biologically unobjectionable forces for the German reconstruction of agriculture and industry."
Further light is thrown upon the goals which the conspirators had set for their Germanization program in conquered Eastern areas by a speech delivered by Himmler on 14 October 1943. This speech was published by the National Socialist leadership staff of the OKW. The document came to us through the Document Section, 3rd U.S. Infantry Division. Excerpts from this speech are set forth in L-70, which is Exhibit Number USA-308. I quote all of the English text; and in the German text these excerpts appear at Page 23, lines 6 to 11, 12 to 15, 20 to 23, and Page 30, lines 7 to 16. Himmler said, and I quote:

"Therefore, I consider that in dealing with members of a foreign country, especially some Slav nationality, we must not start from German points of view, we must not endow these people with decent German thoughts and logical conclusions of which they are not capable, but we must take them as they really are.