14 Dec. 45

In the Government General there were relatively few persons at the outset, who qualified as Germans according to the conspirators' standards. Hence little would be served by the introduction of a racial register categorizing persons of German extraction on the model of the one instituted in the incorporated area; and to our knowledge, no such racial register was prescribed in the Government General. Rather, the plan seems to have been (a) to make the Government General a colony of Germany, which — as Your Honors will recall from Document EC-344(16), which has been introduced as Exhibit Number USA-297 — was the objective expressed by Defendant Frank; and (b) to create so-called "German island settlements" in the productive farming areas. These island settlements were to be created by an influx of German persons who faithfully adhered to the principles of National Socialism.

In this connection I offer in evidence Document Number 910-PS. This is Exhibit Number USA-310. These are secret notes bearing the the date line, "Department of the Interior, Kraków, 30 March 1942," and they concerned Himmler's statements upon the planned germanization of the Government General. This document was obtained from the 3rd Army intelligence center at Freising, Germany; and I now quote from Page 2 of the English text, from line 3 to the of the report. This appears in the German text continuing to the end of the report. The document states, and I quote:

"The Reichsführer SS " — Himmler — " developed additional trains of ideas to the effect that, in the first 5-year plan for resettlement after the war, the new German Territories should first be filled; it is intended afterwards to provide the Crimea and the Baltic countries with a German upper class at least. Into the Government General, perhaps, further German island settlements should be newly transplanted from European nations. An exact decision respect, however, has not been issued. In any case, it is wished that at first a heavy colonization along the San and the Bug be achieved so that the parts of Poland with alien populations are encircled. Hitherto, it has always been proved been that this kind of encircling leads most quickly to the desired nationalization."
In this same connection, I offer in evidence Document Number 2233(h)-PS. This is Defendant Frank's diary, 1941, Volume II, Page 317. This is Exhibit Number USA-311. I quote from the last sentence at the bottom of our Page 3 of the English text of this exhibit. In the German text this passage appears on Page 317, lines 25 to 28. Defendant Frank stated in this diary, and I quote: