17 Dec. 45

quote from it. And without so requesting the Tribunal each time to take judicial notice, I shall assume, in the absence of questions, that it is so understood. The English translation, to which we will refer, is Document 1893-PS.

I now proceed to offer evidence on the make-up and powers of the Reichsleitung or the Leadership Corps, which consisted of the Reichsleiter or Reich Leaders of the Nazi Party — and they are shown on that long horizontal list at the top of the chart — the Hauptämter (main offices), and the Ämter, or officeholders.

The Reichsleiter of the Party were annexed to Hitler, the highest officeholders in the Party hierarchy. All of the Reichsleiter in the main office and officeholders within the Reichsleitung were appointed by Hitler and directly responsible to him.

I quote from the first paragraph of Page 4, Document 1893-PS:

"1. The Führer appoints the following political directors:

"(a) Reichsleiter and all political directors, to include the directors of the Womens Leagues, within the Reich Directorate (Reichsleitung)."
The significant fact to be grasped is that through the Reichsleitung perfect co-ordination of the Party and State machinery was guaranteed. The Party manual puts it this way-and I quote from the fourth sentence of the third paragraph of Page 20 of that document. You will find the page number at the-bottom, Page 20. It is a very short quotation. I quote: "In the Reichsleitung the arteries of the organization of the German people and of the German State merge."

If Your Honors please, there is a little different translation in that portion in your book. To prove ...

THE PRESIDENT: Just a moment, please. It begins, "It is in the Reich Directorate where the strings of the organization of the German people and of the German State merge." Is that it?

COL. STOREY: Yes, Sir, that is it. This translation says, "the arteries of the organization of the German people and of the German State merge."

To prove that the Reichsleiter of the Leadership Corps included the most powerful coalition of political overlords in Nazi Germany, it is necessary only to put in evidence their names. The list of Reichsleiter now to be offered in evidence will include the following defendants now on trial before this Tribunal: Rosenberg, Von Schirach, Frick, Bormann, Hans Frank, and the late Defendant Robert Ley.

The evidence to be introduced will show that the Defendant Rosenberg was the leader of an organization named for him, the "Einsatzstab Rosenberg" — which is not shown on this chart, if Your