17 Dec. 45

in the complete domination of the Reich and all of its institutions and organizations, internally and externally, by the National Socialist Party. Its protection against the world abroad, however, lies in the new National Socialist Armed Forces .... In this Reich anybody who has a responsible position is a National Socialist .... Every institution of this Reich is under the command of the supreme political leadership .... The Party leads the Reich politically; the Armed Forces defend it militarily .... There is nobody in any responsible position in this state who doubts that I am the authorized leader of this Reich. . . . "
The supreme power which the Leadership Corps exercised over the German State and Government is pointed out by an article published in this same authoritative magazine Der Hoheitsträger, in February 1939. In this article, which was addressed to all Hoheitsträger, the Leadership Corps is reminded that it has conquered the state and possesses absolute and total power in Germany. I cite Document 3230-PS, which is the English translation of an article entitled "Fight and Order"; and I quote from this article, which trumpets forth in what we might term as accents of Caesarism, the battle call of the Leadership Corps in German life. I quote:

"Fight? Why do you always talk of fighting? You have conquered the state, and if something does not please you, then just make a law and regulate it differently. Why must you always talk of fighting? For you have every power. Over what do you fight? Foreign politics? You have the Wehrmacht — it will wage the fight if fight is required. Domestic politics? You have the law and the police which can change everything which does not agree with you."
THE PRESIDENT: Is this a good time to break off?

COL. STOREY: Yes, Sir.

[A recess was taken.]

COL. STOREY: In view of the domination of the German State and Government by the Nazi Party and the Leadership Corps thereof as established by the foregoing and other evidence hereto-fore recited in the previous trial briefs, it is submitted that the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party is responsible for the measures, including the legislative enactments, taken by the German State and Government in furtherance of the conspiracy formulated and carried out by the co-conspirators and the organizations charged with criminality in the present case.

I now skip and go to the overt acts and crimes of the Leadership Corps. The evidence now to be presented will establish that the