17 Dec. 45

It is a long document, and that is the only portion I quote. I don't have the reference to it.

THE TRIBUNAL (Mr. Biddle): What page?

COL. STOREY: I am sorry, Sir, I don't have the reference book.

THE PRESIDENT: On Page 1. As you say you don't have the document before you, there isn't much use referring you to it.

COL. STOREY: I gave the German text over there, Sir.

"When all the synagogues burned down in me night it must have been organized in some way, and can only have been organized by the Party."
The first paragraph, Page 7.

Now I turn to illustrate the crimes against the Allied airmen. The members of the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party participated in and shared the responsibility for the murder, beating, and ill-treatment of Allied airmen who landed in German or German-controlled territory. Many Allied airmen who bailed out of disabled planes over Germany were not treated as prisoners of war but were beaten and murdered by German civilians with the active condonation, indeed at the instigation, of some of the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party, Such a course of conduct by the Leadership Corps represented a flagrant and deliberate violation by the German Government of its obligations under the Geneva Convention to protect prisoners of war against acts of violence and ill-treatment.

As shown by Document 2473-PS — it is necessary to turn to that — which is a list of the Reichsleiter of the Nazi Party appearing in the National Socialist Yearbook of 1943 and by Document 2903-PS, which is this large chart, Heinrich Himmler was a Reichsleiter of the Nazi Party and thus a top official in the Leadership Corps by virtue of his positions as Reichsführer of the SS and Delegate for German Folkdom. I now offer in evidence an original order signed by Himmler, Document R-110 as Exhibit Number USA-333. It is dated 10 August 1943, and I quote:

"It is not the task of the police to interfere in clashes between Germans and English and American terror fliers who have bailed out."
This order was transmitted in writing to all senior executive SS and Police officers, and orally to their subordinate officers and to all Gauleiter. As shown in, Document 2473-PS and by the chart, Joseph Goebbels ...

THE PRESIDENT: I was only thinking that the police are not part of the Leadership Corps are they?

COL. STOREY: But Himmler, if Your Honor pleases, combined the offices himself of the Reichsführer of the SS and head of the