18 Dec. 45

which you wish to read are read at one time, rather than to read one sentence, then come back to another sentence, and then possibly come back to a document for a third sentence. I don't know whether that will be possible for you to do.

COL. STOREY: We will try to work it out that way, Sir.


COL. STOREY: Co-operation of the SS and the SD is indicated in a letter from Rosenberg to Bormann dated 23rd of April 1941, Document Number 071-PS, Exhibit USA-371, which I now offer in evidence. This letter states in the fifth sentence of the first numbered paragraph:

"It is self-evident that the confiscations are not executed by the Gauleitung, but that they are conducted by the Security Service as well as by the police."
Farther down in the same paragraph it is stated:

"It has been communicated to me in writing by a Gauleiter that the Reich Security Main Office of the SS has requested the following from the library of a confiscated monastery: The Catholic Handbook, Albertus Magnus, Edition of the Church Fathers, History of the Popes by L. von Pastor, and other works."
The second and last paragraph stated that:

"I should like to remark in this connection that this affair has already been settled on our side with the Security Service (SD) in the most co-operative fashion."
The Defendant Göring was especially diligent in furthering the purposes of the Einsatzstab Rosenberg, a diligence which will be readily understood in view of the fact that he himself directed that second in priority only to the demands of the Führer were to be "those art objects which served the completion of the Reich Marshal's collection." That is Göring

On May 1, 1941 Göring issued an order to all Party, State, and Wehrmacht services, which I am now offering into evidence as 1117-PS, Exhibit USA-384. That is an original bearing Göring's signature. This order requested all Party, State, and Wehrmacht services — and I now quote:

" ... to give all possible support and assistance to the Chief of Staff of Reichsleiter Rosenberg's Einsatzstab ... The above-mentioned persons are requested to report to me on their work, particularly on any difficulties which might arise."
On 30th of May 1942 Göring claimed credit for a large degree of the success of the Einsatzstab. I offer in evidence a captured photostatic copy of a letter from Göring to Rosenberg, showing Göring's signature, which bears our Number 1015( i )-PS, which I