18 Dec. 45

As Reich Ministers, and other officials entitled to take part in meetings.

I might state here that altogether there were 48 persons who held positions in the ordinary Cabinet. Seventeen of them are defendants before, the Tribunal. Bormann is absent Of the remaining 31, eight are believed to be dead.

Into the ordinary Cabinet were placed the leading Nazi collaborators the trusted henchmen and then, whennew governmental agencies or bodies were created either by Hitler or the Cabinet itself, the constituents of these new bodies were taken from the roles of the ordinary Cabinet.

In 1933 when the first Hitler Cabinet was formed on the 30th of January there were 10 ministries that could be classified as departments of the Central Government. I have here a typed copy of the minutes Of the first meeting of that Cabinet. These were found in the files of the Reich Chancellery and bear the typed signature of one Weinstein, who was described in the minutes as responsible for the protocol, the counsellor of the ministry. That document already appears in Document Book B; but I again refer the Tribunal to Page 4 of the translation, which is Document 351 as shown in your document book and contains a list of those present.


COL. STOREY: Yes, Sir, 351-PS, Exhibit USA-389.

The 10 ministers referred to therein are set forth. They are: Reich Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Defendant Von Neurath Reich Minister of the Interior, the Defendant Frick; Reich Minister of Finance, Von Krosigk; Reich Minister of Economy and Reich Minister of Food and Agriculture, Dr. Hugenberg; Reich Minister of Labor, Seldte; Reich Minister of Justice — no name is given — the post was filled 2 days later by Gürtner; Reich Defense Minister Von Blomberg; and the Reich Postmaster General and Reich Minister Transportation, Von Eltz-Rübenach.

In addition you will note that the Defendant Göring was there as a Reich Minister — he had no portfolio then — and as Reich Commissar for Aviation. Dr. Gereke was there as Reich Commissar for Procurement of Labor. Two State Secretaries were present: Dr. Lammers of the Reich Chancellery and Dr. Meissner of the Reich Presidential Chancellery.

THE PRESIDENT: In the copy I have the Defendant Göring appears as the Reich Minister for Aviation.

COL. STOREY: Yes, Sir. I mentioned that he appears as Reich Minister and as Reich Commissar for Aviation.

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, I see. I was reading from the first two pages of the document. You were reading from Page 4?