18 Dec. 45

"With German greetings, yours very obediently, Baron von Eltz." But the Nazis didn't wait until all members of the Cabinet ...

THE PRESIDENT: Was Baron von Eltz permitted to resign?

COL. STOREY: Yes. As I understand, Your Honor, every one of them was a member, except this one; and he declined and resigned — which was accepted. The Nazis didn't wait until all members of the Cabinet were Party members. Shortly after they came to power, they quickly assured themselves of active participation in the work of the Cabinet. On 1 December 1933 the Cabinet passed a law securing the unity of Party and State. That has been introduced previously and I will not refer to it any more. It is referred to here as our Document Number 1395-PS.

THE PRESIDENT: Why is Baron von Eltz shown as a member of the Cabinet in 1938?

COL. STOREY: If Your Honor pleases, the "1938" simply refers to the time the Secret Cabinet Council was created. It does not have to do with when any of these people came to the Cabinet.


COL. STOREY: In other words, all these arrows show that these different agencies were created during those years.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I follow it.

COL. STOREY: I say, for Your Honors' information, that in this list of all of the Cabinet members and the members of the Reichsregierung from 1933 his name is shown in the list that we handed to Your Honors.

THE PRESIDENT: Up to 1937?

COL. STOREY: No, Sir; from 1933 down to 1945 his name is listed. If Your Honors will recall, we handed in a separate list and it does contain the Baron's name, with the authority of his appointment, et cetera.

THE PRESIDENT: You mean that is a mistake?

COL. STOREY: No, Sir; it is not a mistake.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, then, he didn't resign?

COL. STOREY: He did resign; but Your Honor asked if his name was shown up here and I said that in the separate list showing the list of all members of the Reichsregierung, from 1933 to 1945, the Baron's name was included and the proper reference is made in this separate list for Your Honors' guidance. I have here a copy of an unpublished decree signed by Hitler, dated 27 July 1934. It is Document D-138, Exhibit USA-403; and