19 Dec. 45

I will simply refer to a few of the titles appearing. On 27 July 1935, at Page 4, the title is "Finish up with the Jew." That is shown, if Your Honor pleases, in Document 3050-PS, Pages 16 to 18 there listed. In the issue of 2 February 1935, Page 5, "The Jewish World Danger"; on 20 July 1935, Page 4, "Jewish Worries"; on 1 June 1935, Page 1, "Jews Are Not Wanted Here." And then follows a statement:
"Then, also, outside of the last German village the sign will stand, 'Jews Are Not Wanted Here'; and then, finally, no German citizen will again cross the threshold of a Jewish store. To achieve this goal is, among others, the mission of the SA man as the political soldier of the Führer Next to his word and his explanations shall stand his example."
Then further. on, 17 August 1935, Page 1, "God Save the Jews." Then another, of 5 October 1935, Page 6, the title "The Face of the Jew" (with a portrait of a Jew holding the hammer and sickle).

I will just refer to one or two more of them. Here is one on 23 November 1935, Page 2, the title, "The Camouflaged Benjamin — Jewish Cultural Bolshevism in German Music." Here is one of 2 January 1937, Page 6 — a hideous-looking picture — the title being "Romania to the Jews?" I give the final quotation, the last one, 3 February 1939, Page 14, the title being "Friends of World Jewry: Roosevelt: and Ickes."

The impressive thing about all these articles is the fact that it was not intended that the philosophies expressed in them should be confined to members of the SA; on the contrary, the plan was to, educate the members of the SA with this iniquitous philosophy, and for the SA in turn to be employed for its dissemination into the minds of the German people. This fact is demonstrated in the introduction to a series of anti-Jewish articles in the paper of 5 December 1936, at Page 6. I will just read the title. It is found on Page 28 of the same document and the title is as follows: "Gravediggers of World Culture." Also on that same Page, 28, I quote this statement:
"We suggest that the comrades especially take notice of this series of articles and see that they are further circulated."
In addition, intensive campaigns were conducted to persuade the public to purchase and read Der SA-Mann and the various issues were posted in public places so that the general public might read them. Der SA-Mann itself contained several photographs which show particular issues posted upon street bulletin boards; and there are several photographs showing advertising displays, one of which, for example, reads as follows — this is in the issue of 31 October 1936: "Der SA-Mann belongs in every house, every hotel, every inn, every waiting room, and every store." Also in the issue of 24 August