19 Dec. 45

this work of ignominy is a sample of endless and partly contradictory repetitions in constantly new forms. Not too many have occupied themselves with this thick book to a great extent, for one could only do it with abomination."
Another title is 7 July 1934, Page 15, "The Unbearable Limitations on our Fleet." Another one: 19 January 1935, Page 13, "Versailles after 15 Years." This article reads in part:
"This terrible word 'Versailles', since a blind nation ratified it, has become a word of profanity for all those who are infatuated with the spirit of this enormous production of hatred. The Versailles dictate is German fate in the fullest sense of the word. Every German bore up under the operation of this fate during the past 15 years. Therefore, every last German must also grasp the contents of this dictate so that one single desire of its absolute destruction fills the whole German Volk."
I shall omit the other quotation. The last one I shall refer to is February 1937, quoting "Versailles Will Be Liquidated"; and that, if Your Honor pleases, is the last paragraph on Page 4 of the English translation:
"The National Socialist movement has again achieved a victory, for upon its flag since the beginning of the fight stands: The liquidation of the Versailles Treaty. For this fight the SA marched year after year."
A third group of articles describing preparations for war, purportedly being carried on by other nations, are found on Page 5 of that same document, and I shall refer to just a few of them:

The issue of January 26, 1935, Page 14, "Military Training of English Youth," showing pictures of Eton students wearing the traditional Eton dress — tall hats and frock coats — marching with rifles; another one is "The Army of the Soviet Union," dated 16 March 1935, Page 14; another one, 4 April 1936, Page 13, "The Red Danger in the East"; another one, 29 August 1936, Page 10, "Russia Prepared for World War"; another one, 19 June 1937, Page 7, "Red Terrorism Nailed Down."

I shall pass the rest of them.

Now, the next is the SA participation in the aggressive war phase of the conspiracy — the preparation by SA of the youth of Germany for participation in aggressive warfare. I hardly think I need emphasize that one of the most important steps in carrying out the conspiracy was the training of the youth of Germany in the technique of war and their preparation physically and spiritually for the waging of aggressive war. To the SA was delegated this most important responsibility. I have here Document Number 3215-PS, Exhibit Number USA-426, which I offer