19 Dec. 45

four obstacles; swimming or bicycle riding; basic knowledge of first aid in case of accidents."
I will pass the others.

In 1939 the SA sports program was formally. recognized in a decree issued by Hitler as a military training program, and the SA was openly declared to be an agency for pre- and post-military training, that is, for military training prior to and following service in the Wehrmacht. I have Document Number 2383-PS ...

THE PRESIDENT: Colonel Storey, you have just drawn our attention to a Document Number 3215-PS, which shows that from 1934 onwards, 25,000 officers and noncommissioned officers were trained by the SA.

COL. STOREY: Yes, Sir.

THE PRESIDENT: Isn't that sufficient to show the military nature of the organization?

COL. STOREY: I think so. This was just the decree of Hitler, May I just refer to it by reference for the record? I will not read the decree.

THE PRESIDENT: Go on; what are you referring to?

COL. STOREY: Document 2383-PS, Page 11 of the English translation, contains a copy of the decree legalizing the training program for pre- and post-military training.

It would have been one thing for the SA to conduct a military training program for its members, but the SA program was not confined to its members. The entire youth of Germany was enlisted into a feverish program of military training.

I refer to a quotation in Document 2354-PS from the same organization book, which is at Page 2 of the English translation, in which the Chief of Staff Lutze said, and I quote briefly:
"In order to give conscious expression to the fostering of a valiant spirit in all parts of the German people, I further decide that this SA sports badge can also be earned and worn by persons who are not members of the movement insofar as they comply racially and ideologically with the National Socialist requirements."
Document 2168-PS shows that responsibility for conducting this nation-wide program was lodged in the operational main office of the SA. Page 8 of the English translation says, and I quote:
"The latter has, on the basis of the SA sport badge, to prepare a thorough physical training of the bodies of all Germans capable of bearing arms. In order to reach this