19 Dec. 45

very soldiers who, having served, return out of the Armed Forces into the SA keep themselves, by constant practice, in a trained condition physically and mentally and impart their knowledge to their fellows.

"Thus they contribute a considerable portion to the enhancement of the armed strength and fighting spirit of the German people."
And then skipping down: "The SA each year is able to furnish many thousands of young trained cavalrymen to our Wehrmacht." I will omit the rest of that.

I simply call attention now to an issue of the SA-Mann dated 3 February 1939, at Page 3, which contains a photograph of Chief of Staff Lutze addressing a group of SA men. This photograph bears the caption, "We will be the Bridge between the Party and the Wehrmacht."

The second reference shows a photograph of General Brauchitsch and Chief of Staff Lutze reviewing an SA unit.

Now, I pass to Document 3214-PS, which is Exhibit Number USA-432. There is only one page of it. Quoting:
"It was announced that SA men and Hitler Youths liable to military service can fulfill their military duties in the SA Regiment Feldherrnhalle, whose commander is General Field Marshal, SA Obergruppenführer Göring The regiment, for the first time, was employed as Regiment of the Luftwaffe in the occupation of the Sudetenland ... under its leader and regimental commander, SA Gruppenführer Reimann."
THE PRESIDENT: Up to now you have brought evidence to our notice showing that the SA was voluntary. This shows it was conscripted. When did it become conscripted?

COL. STOREY: As I understand, Your Honor, if you joined the SA you got out of conscription, but once you were in it they could use you as desired. In other words, the SA was a voluntary organization.

THE PRESIDENT: That is the evidence you have given up to date.

COL. STOREY: Yes, Sir.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, when did it become liable to conscription or used as a substitute for conscription?

COL. STOREY: If Your Honor pleases, may I ask Mr. Burdell to answer that question? He has been working on it.

MR. CHARLES S. BURDELL (Assistant Trial Counsel for the United States): If Your Honor pleases, there never was conscription