8 Jan. 46

the former Polish State within the territory of the Greater German Reich including the incorporated Eastern territories." I ask the Court to take judicial notice of our Document 1665-PS, which is an "Order concerning Treatment of Property of Nationals of the Former Polish State," cited in 1940 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, Page 1270. 1 shall read from this document:
"Article I.

"1) Property of nationals of the former Polish State within the area of the Greater German Reich, including annexed Eastern territories, is subject to confiscation, administration by commissioner and sequestration in accordance with the following regulations."
I now skip to Article II
"1) Confiscation will be applied in case of property belonging to: a) Jews; b) persons who have fled or who have absented themselves for longer than a temporary period.

"2) Confiscation may be applied: a) If the property is needed for the public good, especially for purposes of national defense or the strengthening -of German folkdom; b) if the owners or other persons entitled to it immigrated into the area of the German Reich after 1 October 1918."
I skip now to Article IX, the first part:
"1) Sequestered property can be confiscated in favor of the Reich by the competent office ... if the public weal, particularly the defense of the Reich or the consolidation of the German nationality, requires it."
Evidence has also been introduced by the United States showing the extent to which the spoliation of Soviet territory and resources and the barbarous treatment inflicted on Soviet citizens were the result of plans long made and carefully drawn up by the Nazis before they launched their aggressive war on the Soviet Union. The Nazis planned to destroy the industrial potential of the northern regions occupied by their armies and so to administer the production of food in the south and southeast, which normally produced a surplus of food, that the population of the northern region would inevitably be reduced to starvation because of diversion of such surplus food to the German Reich. It has been shown also that the Nazis planned to incorporate Galicia and all of the Baltic countries into Germany and to convert the Crimea, an area north of the Crimea, the Volga territory, and the district around Baku into German colonies.

By 29 April 1941, almost 2 months prior to the invasion of the Soviet Union, it appears that Hitler had entrusted the Defendant Göring with the over-all direction of the economic administration