From: The SS and Police Leader in the Warsaw District

Warsaw, April 25, 1943

Akz.: I ab-St/Wdt.-1607 Tgb.Nr.549/43 secret
Reference: Ghetto Action

An den

Higher SS and Police Leader East
- SS-Obergruppenführer and General of the Police Krüger


Progress of the Action on April 25, 1943, Begun at 1:00 P.M.

Seven shock troops for thorough combing were formed for today, at a strength of 1/70, to which each was assigned a specific block of houses.

Mission: "Repeated thorough combing of all buildings, identification of bunkers and their blowing up, as well as capture of Jews. Where they meet any resistance or bunkers cannot be reached, the buildings are to be burnt to the ground."

In addition to the activity of these 7 shock troops for thorough combing, a special mission was undertaken against a bandit nest lying outside the former ghetto wall, which was inhabited only by Poles.

Today's mission ended for almost all of the shock troops with the breaking out of giant fires which caused the Jews to leave their hiding places and refuges. In total, 1690 Jews were captured alive. According to stories from the Jews, there have definitely also been parachutists dropped here and bandits who have been supplied weapons from an unknown location. 274 Jews were shot, and as on other days, uncounted Jews were buried alive in the blown-up bunkers and, as near as can be determined, burned. With today's bounty of Jews, a very large portion of the bandits and lowest elements of the Ghetto has, in my opinion, been captured. Immediate liquidation was not carried out due to the onset of darkness. I will attempt to obtain a train for T II for tomorrow, otherwise the liquidations will be carried out tomorrow. Also today repeated armed resistance took place and in one bunker 3 pistols and explosive charges were captured. Further today, significant supplies of paper money, currency, gold coins and items of jewelry were secured. The Jews still control possessions of significant value. If last night the former ghetto was covered with the glare of fire, then today a giant sea of fire can be seen. Since the thorough combings, carried out in accordance with plans and the rules, revealed ever more Jews in large numbers, the Action will be continued on April 26, 1943. Start: 10:00 A.M.