intervened. The buildings, however, were surrounded at once, so that an escape will hardly be possible. This cleansing action will be continued tomorrow. Moreover, we arrested 17 Poles, among whom 2 Polish Policemen, who should have been aware, among other things, of the existence of this gang. In this operation we captured 3 rifles, 12 pistols, partly of heavier caliber, 100 Polish "pineapple" hand grenades, 27 German steel helmets, quite a number of German uniforms, tunics and coats which were even furnished with ribbon of the East medal, some reserve magazines for machine guns, 300 rounds of ammunition, etc. The leader of the raiding party had a difficult task because the bandits were disguised in German uniform, but despite this fact, he did his duty with great efficiency. Among the bandits, who were caught or killed, there were some Polish terrorists who were identified with certainty. Today we succeeded furthermore in discovering and liquidating one of the founders and leaders of the Jewish-Polish resistance movement. The external appearance of the Jews whom we are catching now shows that it is now the turn of those Jews who were the leaders of the entire resistance movement. They jumped from the burning windows and balconies, abusing Germany and the Fuehrer and cursing the German soldiers.

SS-men who descended into the sewers discovered that a great number of corpses of perished Jews are being washed away by the water.

Our strength:    
   . 288 German Police )
) Cordoning
) forces.
200 Trawnikimen
From 0700 to 1900 hrs. 140 Polish Police
From 1900 to 0700 hrs. 288 German Police
   . 250 Waffen-SS
140 Polish Police
 Strength in the operation:  
 3/115  German Police
 4/400  Waffen-SS
 1/6  Engineering Serv.
 2/30  Security Police
 2/21  Engineers.
   Our losses:
   3 wounded:
   2 Waffen-SS
   1 Trawniki-man

Termination of operation: 2400 hrs. Will he continued on 28 April 1943 at 1000 hrs.

The SS and Police Fuehrer

in the District of Warsaw.

Signed: Stroop

SS-Brigadefuehrer and Major general of Police.

Certified copy: