Teletype message

From: The SS and Police Fuehrer in the District of Warsaw

Warsaw, 5 May 1943.

Ref. Nr.: I ab/St/Gr-16 07-Journal No. 607/43 secret.
Re: Large-scale Ghetto operation.

To: The Higher SS and Police Fuehrer East, SS-Obergruppen- fuehrer and General of Police Krüger or deputy.

Progress of large-scale operation on 5 May 1943. Start 1000 hrs. In the beginning of today's operations the raiding parties seemed to have less results than on the preceding days. When the operation terminated, however, quite a number of dug-out. had again been discovered, owing to the tracking ability of the men and to betrayal; 40 of these dug-outs were destroyed. As far as possible, the Jews in these dug-outs were caught (1,070 altogether). The combing out patrols shot about 126 Jews. Today again the Jews resisted in several places until they were captured. In several cases the entrances (hatches) of the dugouts were forcibly held or bolted from the inside, so that only by using a strong explosive charge could we force them open and destroy the inmates. Today, we again captured arms and ammunition, including one pistol. From one enterprise still in existence (so-called Prosta) 2,850 Jews were caught for evacuation. This figure was included in the sum total reported earlier, so that only 1,070 have to be added; the present sum total therefore is 45,159.

Our strength: as on the preceding day.

Our losses: 1 SS man wounded, 1 Policeman wounded.

Sum total of losses to date: 8 dead, 55 wounded.

Termination of operation: 2200 hrs. Will be continued on May 1943, 0900 hrs.

The SS and Police Fuehrer

in the District of Warsaw.

Signed: Stroop

SS-Brigadefuehrer and Major general of Police.

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