From: The SS and Police Leader in the Warsaw District

Warsaw, May 13, 1943

Akz.: I ab-St/Gr.-1607 Tgb.Nr.641/43 secret
Subject.: Large-scale Ghetto Action

To the

Higher SS and Police Leader East
SS-Obergruppenführer and General of the Police Krüger


Progress of the Large-Scale Action of May 13, 1943, Start: 10:00 A.M.

During today's thorough combing of the large and small ghettos (Prosta), 234 Jews were captured. 155 Jews were shot in battle. It is clear today that the currently captured Jews and bandits belong to the so-called fighting groups. They are without exception young boys and women aged from 18 to 25. During the securing of one bunker, a pitched fire fight took place during which the Jews not only shot with 08 pistols and Polish Vis-pistols, but also threw Polish hand grenades at the Waffen-SS men. After a portion of the bunker inhabitants had been brought out and were being searched, a woman reached as quick as lightning under her dress and pulled a hand grenade from her panties, from which she pulled the pin and threw into the men doing the search, while at the same time she jumped for cover as quick as a flash. Only the presence of mind of the men prevented casualties.

The few Jews and criminals still remaining in the ghetto have for 2 days used the refuges available in the ruins in order to go back to their well-known bunkers at night, and there to eat and supply themselves for the next day. No evidence on further bunkers known to them can be obtained from the captured Jews. The rest of the inhabitants, where the fire fight took place, were destroyed by the strongest explosive charges. From a Wehrmacht operation 327 Jews were captured today. These captured Jews will only be sent to T.II.

The total number of captured Jews is set at 55,179.

Our strength:

Forces deployed: German Police 4/182
TN 1/6
Security Police 2/14
Pioneers (WH) 4/74
Waffen-SS 12/517