Teletype message

From: The SS and Police Fuehrer in the District of Warsaw

Warsaw, 15 May 1943.

Ref. No.: I ab/St/Gr-16 07 Journal No. 648/43 secret.
Re: Large-scale Ghetto operation.

To: The Higher SS and Police Fuehrer East, SS-Obergruppen- fuehrer and General of Police Krüger or deputy.

Progress of large-scale operation on 15 April 1943. Start 0900 hours.

The 5 scouting parties who patrolled the Ghetto last night reported that they encountered Jews only sporadically. In contrast to the preceding nights, they were able to shoot 6 or 7 .Jews. The combing-out actions today also had little result. 29 more dug-outs were discovered, but part of them were no longer inhabited. a total of 87 Jews were caught today and 67 bandits and Jews were shot in battle. In a skirmish which developed around noon, and in which the bandits again resisted by using Molotov cocktails, pistols, and home-made hand grenades, the gang was destroyed; but subsequently a policeman was wounded by a shot through the right thigh. A special unit once more searched the last block of buildings which was still intact in the Ghetto, and subsequently destroyed it. In the evening the chapel, mortuary, and all other buildings on the Jewish cemetery were blown up or destroyed by fire.

The sum total of Jews caught has risen to 56,885.

Our strength:
   Used in operation:
     German Police  4/184
     Engineering Em. S.  1/6
     Security Police  2/16
     Engineers  4/74
     Waffen-SS  12/510

Cordoning forces:
     Day  Night
   German Police 2/138 1/87
   Waffen-SS  - 1/300
   Trawniki 270  -
   Polish Police 1/160 1/160