Copy Telegram

From: The SS and Police Leader in the Warsaw District

Warsaw, May 24, 1943

Akz.: I ab -St/Gr- 16 07 - Tgb.Nr. 663/43 secret
Subject.: Large scale ghetto action
Reference: Your telegram Number 946 of May 21, 1943

To the

Higher SS and Police Leader East
SS-Obergruppenf¸hrer and general of the Police
Krüger - o.V.i.A.


I respond to the telegram referred to above as follows:

On figure 1

Of the overall total of 56,065 captured Jews, about 7,000 have been destroyed in the course of the large-scale action in the former Jewish living quarter. 6,929 Jews were destroyed by transport to T. II, so that overall, 13,929 Jews were destroyed. It is estimated that, in addition to the number of 56,065, 5 - 6,000 Jews were destroyed by explosions and fire.

On figure 2

631 bunkers were destroyed.

On figure 3 (bounty)

7 Polish weapons, 1 USSR weapon, 1 German weapon, 59 pistols of different calibers, several hundred grenades, both Polish and self-made, a few hundred Molotov cocktails, self-made bombs, infernal maschines with detonators.

Large amounts of dynamite, ammunition for weapons of all calibers, including ammunition for automatic weapons.

In respect of the seizure of weapons, it should be remembered that in most cases, the weapons could not be seized, because, before their capture, the bandits and Jews threw them into hiding places and holes that could not be determined or found. Seizure was also made impossible because of the smoke screens set in the bunkers by our men. Since the blowing up of the bunkers had to be undertaken immediately, there was no question of a subsequent capture.

The hand grenades, explosive ammunition and Molotov cocktails seized by us were immediately employed in fighting the bandits.